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30th Anniversary Lapland Challenge

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The Lapland Challenge

The Committee of Northern Lights have challenged themselves to the Lapland Challenge. The challenge is to walk/run/swim/cycle the distance to Lapland between 1st December 2016 and 30th November 2017. How many times can we travel 2235 miles from Neston to Lapland? Ideally we will travel this distance 20 times, the number of children we hope to be taking to Lapland. Our aim is to also try and raise £2235 during the Lapland challenge via our online giving page, My Donate.

Are there any walkers, dog walkers, swimmers, marathon trainers, cyclists or anyone just trying to keep fit who would like to join us in the Lapland challenge and help us reach this target?  All you need is a way of tracking your mileage and then report them to us once a month so we can track our progress.  It would also be nice if you give out our online giving page to encourage donations via your friends so we can reach our targets.

Join Us…

If you want to join us please contact us and we will add you to the list of participants and send you a reminder about your mileage each month.

Thank you for your support, hopefully we can travel this distance 20 times to represent each child.

You will be able to monitor our progress below. The red indicates the number of miles complete and each time we reach 2235 miles we will add one to the green. The green indicates the number of children we have completed the miles for. Each time we add one child we will reset the miles counter so we begin the count again.