The experience of Christmas in Lapland for children with life limiting illnesses

Parkgate Carnival Human Table Football

Human Table Football Human Table FootballHuman Table Football Sponsored by Neston Town Council

You played it as a child, you’ve played it in the pub, now it’s your chance to take part in a human table football tournament! Set inside a giant inflatable pitch, based on the table football game. Players attach to aluminium bars preventing movement up and down the pitch! With only this small handicap teams must work together to score goals whilst defending at the same time! 

Open to any level, any age or ability this game is a great leveller. It is action packed with moments of glory and humour! So sporty or not, competitive or not, fancy a laugh and a chance to win or lose with family, friends, work mates or school pals – this is an activity for you! Who do you want on your team?

  • Application Form – so please download, complete and return it to be involved.
  • Poster – please feel free to download and print to recruit to the team.

Get the application in early as there are only 16 team spaces available. Therefore there will be four mini leagues with a minimum of 3 games. Then for the winner of each league a semi-final and possibly a FINAL!