Images of Vicki after running half marathons and receiving medals

As you will all know I am a little bit mad with the challenges I set myself and I have always thought the biggest one I would ever ‘consider’ would be the London Marathon…..well, now it is time to have a go. I started running at the very end of 2015 and I’m still not sure how much I like it….but this is the biggy and for the first time, it’s for charity. I’ve done several challenges over the past couple of years with many more to come, but now is the time I ask for you to dig deep and spur me on!


For those of you who dont know Northern Lights, they raise funds to give children with life limiting illnesses the experience of a holiday they will never forget. Each Christmas they take these wonderful children to visit the real Santa in Lapland!!!

My Mum and Dad tagged along on a trip and I dont think they will ever forget seeing how much joy this brings to these amazing children. The Northern Lights team continue to amaze me with their dedication, time and love given to make sure this trip turns a dream into a reality and I couldnt be happier to help get more children there!

Any donation, big or small will keep me focussed and I’ll even be going out for runs, in winter, and getting my hair wet!!!! For those of you who know me, thats a pretty big deal 😀

Vicki’s Top Tips for Marathon Running:

  1. Invest in decent kit– I cannot emphasise this enough, going to buy trainers from any old shop doesn’t help, get your gait checked and enjoy the cushion comfort as you pound those streets. It not only helps your feet but your knees and posture benefits so much from this.
    2. Running in the rain and cold can sound awful but it’s a mental game, learn to love it and you will realise it’s not actually that cold once you’re out and can be very invigorating – don’t forget the head warmer and gloves though.
    3. A 5am alarm will never be your friend, learn to love it, snoozing does not help and no it’s not raining outside. Get up, get out and get those miles under your belt, you head will thank you when you see your front door as you round back home.
    4. Foam rollers are super painful but sooooo good! Trust me on this one and make sure you buy a solid foam one, no ridges or fillings with random stuff.
    5. It’s very much about nutrition, fasted cardio is fine for those early morning runs but caffeine is proven to help if you have time for a coffee. Eating within 30 minutes after a run helps too! You can get so many energy bars, drinks etc. and trying these out when training is always good and will help your stomach prep for those long distance runs.

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