Northern Lights are celebrating the kindness and support of their amazing supporters who generously give their skills, support and expertise. Today we’re thanking Laura Spencer who found herself volunteering her services when a daily coffee stop became the germ of an idea.

Laura explained….

“I chatted with Karen on a daily basis when she popped into Mozkitos for a drink on her “walking marathon” of 2235 miles in 12 months representing the distance to Lapland.

I offered my help and not one to hesitate Karen invited me to join the committee for the Parkgate Carnival.  My remit was to help with the catering as I had a background of running Mozkitos Coffee House as my knowledge base.  At one of the meetings the provision of coffees and afternoon teas was discussed and whether it was to be outsourced.  I suggested that the charity ran it themselves so that the profits could go straight to boost the amount raised at Carnival and therefore directly to help the children. By the end of the meeting (1 hour later!), I was running the Coffee Shop! (after all I had nothing else to do but run Mozkitos 7 days per week!). Joking aside, I was happy to do whatever I could.

Over the next month ideas were coming thick and fast and usually in the middle of the night, where I would have to try and remember the “brainwaves” in the morning.  I contacted Alan Ramsey from Change Beverages Ltd. who supplies my coffee beans to see if he could rent me a coffee machine for the making of speciality coffees.  He was an absolute star and after I explained why I wanted it, he not only offered the machine for the day but the coffee beans too! I couldn’t believe his generosity and couldn’t wait to report this to the committee. Spurred on I contacted cake suppliers, “Clams Cakes” offered to donate some tray bakes for the day.  What lovely people there are out there!

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At the next meeting we discussed names for the café, everyone’s ideas were great. Talk about “brainstorming”, it was a positive “hurricane”.  We eventually came up with a list of names and decided on “Dream Catcher” Café.  We felt it represented the charity’s mission of making children’s dreams come true!

Now ideas were coming together, practicalities need to be sorted. Oh, how I love making a list! While this is nothing to do with Mozkitos, I was going to need my coffee making stars Mollie and Jess to help me out on the day.  The logistics of setting it all up was a worry as we can only get on the pitch early on the 8th of July – a busy day I’m thinking!

The reason I love this charity is that its local and helps local children, plus all funds get used on the children, as the committee members are all volunteers.

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Do come and see us on the day, inside the marquee, where you’ll find a huge smile, delicious cakes, barista coffee and welcoming tea!