Dream catcher

Dream Catcher Café Update

As I said in the first blog, the ideas were coming thick and fast. There was definitely a plan coming together. My main concern has been staffing the dream catcher café as I only have a core group for Mozkitos, but luckily Karen came to the rescue by offering to provide some volunteers to help with the serving etc. I felt that this was great, making it more of a community project!

Had a nightmare this week when one of my key staff Jess announced that she had passed her interview for an internship with Toyota in Belgium as part of her Uni course……..but what about the carnival??????? I’m sure we’ll cope and good luck to her and her studies.

We have now put the menu together and think this will work well. We just need to sort amounts. At the next meeting the logistics of pulling this all together is going to be a real challenge!  The café is to be set up from 6.30am approx. and ready for 11:30am, no mean feat!!!! Watch this space for the next update…………….

see you soon, Laura x

Dream catcher

Dream Catcher Cafe needs volunteers