Training plan showing what Vicki should be undertaking each week to get her to marathon distances.

Pre-run nerves!
Started off with an energy bar and coffee before leaving, diet of champions! Haha

But seriously, the support I’ve received on the sponsorship page spurred me on today. I can’t believe the kindness of people and feel so empowered to keep going!

3rd March

Garmin tracking (hit that 18 mile mark and I was DONE)

Post run exhilaration….this pic is a total lie, I took it and collapsed on the sofa 😀

Post run is foam rolling, stretching, shower and then some much needed sustenance. I’m a porridge fiend so today was my usual, banana, super oats and grains (hats off to Quaker for this combo), extra flaxseed, cinnamon and milk! Utterly delicious and full of energy and much needed carbs!

This will be my pre-marathon brekkie on the 22nd April for certain!

Next few weeks is about testing out nutrition during my runs so any runners out there do send over your tips for success in the comments below.

On today’s to do list, buy better running socks and a third pair of gloves!

Who wants to see a pic of the exceptional blister from last weekends run? it’s so sore and angry, I feel it needs a name! Any ideas?

5th March

Difficult run this morning! Something I’ve learnt though is to listen to your body. Legs felt good but everything else was telling me no so I opted for extra stretching and nursing the sores back at home! Was glad to be back as you can see…

Still pleased I got a bit under my belt and the legs are less stiff now!

All for Northern Lights

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