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What would it be like to have more self-belief, confidence and happiness which lead to better relationships and good times?

My name is Alison Blackler and I am a Wirral based Mind Coach. Spreading the word, inspiring others to be reach their potential, increase confidence and build resilience from within is my aim. Together we can move towards you having the life that you want.

My passion is supporting people to become their best version of themselves. After over 15 years of studying human behaviour and the neuroscience behind our behaviours, thoughts and habits my role is to encourage you to start on a journey of discovery and personal development.

I offer a unique, engaging and transformational approach to getting an insight into barriers holding both individuals and businesses back from achieving their goals.

Can you imagine how wonderful life will be for all of us if we focused on our wants, our desires, our pleasures, our goals and not our pain?

Can you imagine how wonderful your life would be if you could reach your true potential?

Using neuroscience and coaching, you can explore the power of your mind and how to get the best out of it. Take control, get your lives onto your true path and build a vision for your future worth getting excited about.


Learn about yourself and your limiting behaviours and thinking

Unpack self criticism – why do we do it?

Look at how we manage drama and conflict in our lives

Explore why we put others before ourselves

Notice behaviours that leave us exhausted

Understand how you hold yourself back


Understand how others influence us and how to free yourself

How much do you follow another’s suggestions

Look at your own behaviours to please others

Explore communication style and personalities

Understand how to take personal responsibility and create your own happiness


Specialise in building confidence in people’s lives and are passionate about people being happy, fulfilled and free from fears, self doubt and behaviours that limit them.

A clear value of the business is to make a difference, to bring energy, passion and determination through the work I do.

Offer 1:1 private coaching, running workshops, facilitation, team coaching and developmental days within businesses. I am keen to develop my public speaker role and am about to publish my first book – A Path Travelled.

Help children and young people who are struggling with their emotions, anxiety or general coping skills. I also run private groups for non-spellers.

We often focus on What Holds Us Back, Building Resilience, Finding Your Inner Self, Relationship Insights and many more during the year.

We all love learning about our self. Come and talk to me at the Carnival and see what you can discover.

I am delighted to be supporting Northern Lights Charity as I believe that everyone should have a chance to shine and be happy. This charity truly does that for children and it is for this reason that I want to be part of it. I will at the Parkgate Carnival and I hope to chat with as many people as possible.

Come and see me in the Lifestyle Hub.