Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder in Memory of David

Written by Jennifer Stack

It was the morning of the 18th September 2017 when I woke to find that my partner had passed away peacefully in his sleep. His name was David Parry-Sargent and he was 32 years young. But it was his time. He was needed by the angels.

Dave was incredibly intelligent, caring and such a warm, kind-hearted person to be around. He was the kind of person who touched the hearts of everyone he encountered and had the most amazing circle of family and friends whom he loved dearly.

He was also very pragmatic and the kind of guy that carried the same supermarket carrier bag to work every day with his lunch for convenience and couldn’t understand flowers, so when service arrangements were made, it was only right that we asked people to substitute the usual flowers for something with much more of a purpose. So, quite rightly, we simply asked that people made donations to his favourite charity instead, the Northern Lights Children’s Charity.

Tough Mudder
Tough Mudder

Supporting Northern Lights


Dave’s support for the charity began in 2012, when he ran the Cheshire Oaks Chester Half Marathon in a Santa suit. He thought it would be a fantastic idea to collect donations in a bucket during the run, only to realise along the way that there was a reason people didn’t run 13 miles with a bucket full of coins… Despite his arms almost dropping off, he finished the race and had managed to raise a fantastic £185.

Since September last year, we have conducted several fundraisers in his memory:

Dave’s brother, Richard, and friends set up Team DIPS and completed Tough Mudder on 12 May 2018, the day before what would have been Dave’s 33rd birthday. Dave absolutely loved Tough Mudder or, in fact, anything that challenged him physically, so this was the perfect way to celebrate his birthday. For those who aren’t aware, Tough Mudder is a 10-mile obstacle course designed to push your body to the limits, and that it does!

Having been in total awe of the boys and seeing such amazing results for Northern Lights, I was propelled into setting up my own team to celebrate Dave’s life one year after passing on. On 8 September 2018, the girls and I also decided to get muddy for the cause. We had a fantastic time, despite being dunked into a skip of ice water, electrocuted, and crawling through mud pipes while trying to run 10 miles. But the whole time, I felt like I was supposed to be there and I know that Dave was helping along the way.


…to the generosity of the people who loved Dave, donations over the past year have come in at an incredible £10,588.88 with gift aid!

I, myself, am incredibly pleased to have been a part of this and Dave would be so proud of everyone for taking part and for their generosity to such a worthy cause. Not only has this helped give children with life-limiting illnesses the holiday of a lifetime, it has given us all a purpose and something to stand for along the way, and this is all because of Dave and what he represented. I am absolutely positive that there is more to come.

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